Make a Claim - Instructions

You may be eligible for a payment if are a Settlement Class Member. If the Settlement Administrator mailed or emailed you a notification, you are a Settlement Class Member.

To qualify for payment, you must be an eligible Class Member and submit a valid Claim Form by February 5, 2024.

File a Claim Online:

To submit an online Claim Form please enter your Unique ID and PIN below and select “Make a Claim”

If you do not have your Unique ID, call 1-888-294-7563 or click HERE to make a claim with your policy number or total loss claim number.

File a Claim by Mail:

As part of your Notice, you were sent a Claim Package. You may also download a copy here. Read the instructions carefully, fill out the form, sign it, then mail it so that is it postmarked by February 5, 2024, and send it to the following address:

Belanger v Allstate
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 2317
Portland, OR 97208-2317

If you did not receive a Claim Form click here to download a blank claim form that requires either your Allstate Policy Number or Allstate Total Loss Claim Number. Call 1-888-294-7563 to have the blank claim form mailed to you.

Remember, all Claim Forms must be submitted or postmarked no later than February 5, 2024.